The Perfect Thanksgiving

Erin vows to have the perfect Thanksgiving so she can announce her engagement. Things go awry with everyone ending up in the hospital.

Based on his stand-up comedy, which is based on his real life, Titus is one of those dysfunctional family comedies Fox was known for producing.

Someone posted a copy online, pass the mashed potatoes!

Peanuts Thanksgiving Commentary

Peanuts Thanksgiving Commentary

For the first time since 1966, the Peanuts Thanksgiving special will not be shown on network television. Instead, AppleTV and PBS have stepped up and said they would stream/air the special to continue the annual tradition.

MattyV & Dan the Man did a commentary track back when the podcast first started with MattyV’s lame attempt at recreating the infamous Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner (toast, jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels, etc.). Listen along as you watch the special either on PBS, AppleTV, or YT...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Junkies! We love you all!


The dinos travel through woods & across rivers to gather with other families to celebrate Thanksgiving together. The Rulons may have other plans, however.

An odd mix of space technology and prehistoric animals/locations, Dino Riders was a quirky series that didn’t last long in the late 1980’s.

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The Lawrences decide to spend Thanksgiving on the family farm, escaping to the country, they can’t escape some of their family dilemmas.

A series about an upper middle-class family in California, starring a young Kristy McNichol. The series saw many up and coming stars such as Meredith Baxter, Michael J. Fox, Ted Danson, Dana Plato, & many more.

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The First Thanksgiving

Dharma’s parents are fasting for Thanksgiving & instead try to liberate some turkeys. Dharma offers to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family, the family surmises she may be pregnant.

A strange series from the 1990’s created by Chuck Lorre who also created The Big Bang Theory, 2 and a Half Men, among others.

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Sunday Cinema – “Meatloaf: To Hell and Back”

For October’s “Sunday Cinema” we thought we would look at some obscure movies starring some of the pillars of rock music.

Meat Loaf himself was opposed to this VH1 biography being made until after watching the scene showing Meat Loaf being told he was a #1 hit. His daughter, Amanda Aday, actually has a small part in the movie as a grocery clerk. The actor playing Meat may look familiar, he played Warren in the movie “There’s Something About Mary” and more recently Hugo Root in the AMC series “Preacher”.

Someone posted a poor VHS copy online for you to check out

Sunday Cinema – “Blank Generation”

For October’s “Sunday Cinema” we thought we would look at some obscure movies starring some of the pillars of rock music.

If you’re into late 1970’s/early 1980’s American punk rock, you might know Richard Hell and the Voidoids (“Love Comes in Spurts” anyone?). This film by Ulli Lommel follows a French journalist as she records the life of rock star Billy. She must make a decision, does she stay with the volatile Billy or go back to her former lover – a journalist on the hunt for Andy Warhol in NYC.

A crapfest of a movie but shows the grit and grime of NYC at the time.

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B*tch Set Me Up

B*tch Set Me Up

Rules for thee, not for me” is apparently the modus operandi for government officials (on both sides of the aisle)…

“Homefield Advantage” is a true concept (truer than you might think…)

You can thank NFL Films for dubbing Dallas as “America’s Team“…

Although this isn’t the Rod Tidwell carpet commercial, this one was originally shown after the movie credits (supposed to be a Reebok commercial)…

Here are the latest salaries for MLB players…

Nothing like your woman yelling at your boss (especially when you are a major NFL marquee player)…

Sunday Cinema – “200 Motels”

For October’s “Sunday Cinema” we thought we would look at some obscure movies starring some of the pillars of rock music.

Frank Zappa has been a influence on modern rock through his avant-garde music and stage presence. From his first appearance on the Steve Allen show playing music on a bicycle (!) to writing a parody song that exposed a whole new teen language (“Valley Girl”), Frank has always bucked the norm. In the movie, “200 Motels”, he tells the tale of what it’s like to tour with the Mothers of Invention. Today’s entry for Sunday Cinema delves into the movie with the 1988 release of a documentary of the movie entitled, “The True Story of 200 Motels” with behind-the-scenes action of the making of the film.

Someone posted an awful VHS copy of it online

Take the Ticket

Take the ticket

Matty was a part of Toastmasters International for many years, even winning several local speech competitions (he has trophies to prove it). Great group for practicing in front of an audience & learning how to speak without using filler words as well…

Fat Guy Across America started out with a mission – to lose weight & get healthy, get his wife back, & become an inspiration. Until the money started rolling in. He was on Dr. Phil not once but twice, more recently showing off his almost 700lb frame

There are books, YouTube videos, & articles on how to talk your way out of a ticket. Just take the ticket…

Even if you don’t like him – respect the office, remember what Major Winters said

Several videos surfaced showing what transpired before the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake…