Hooray for Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood

Wow, a whole second episode of Junkiosity! We’re still getting the kinks out but having a BLAST doing it! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing! This week we tackled a few questions on movies and shared a few laughs along the way.


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The movie Matty remembered fondly was “Phoenix the Warrior” aka “She-Wolves of the Wasteland” which is out-of-print but still available from Netflix. If you remember “USA Up All Night“, you rock!

Dan’s happened to be “Porky’s“, a real let-down even though there were boobies…

And yes, there were Atari 2600 adaptations of “Porky’s“, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre“, & “Halloween” which were VERY risqué back in the 1980’s…

We both decided that “Gravity” was a wait-til-DVD movie…

Dan’s big movie disappointment was “Prometheus“, a non-prequel (but it was) of the “Alien” series. As sad as it is, Matty was hoping that “Grown Ups 2” was more than it was – a string of crude & puerile humor with no plot.

Matty liked “Turbo“, while Dan enjoyed “Despicable Me 2” with his family.

Matty has a dream of one day owning a drive-in movie theater catering to all sorts of different experiences from in your car, fiberglass repli-cars, or a regular movie theater with surround sound & plush seating.

Here is the Alamo Drafthouse ad Matty mentioned about not talking or texting during a movie (uncensored version).

In talking about our first drive-in theater experiences, we give homage to Sam Kinison.

Lastly, they talked sports (Dan hates any Chicago-based sports team with a passion!) for a little bit.

Thanks for tuning in and catch us next week!



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