Off My Lawn

Off My Lawn


Here it is another week and another episode of Junkiosity – the Pod! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing! Here are some helpful links from today’s conversation:

Dan is the creator of Stick Man Tim Comics, which can be found on Facebook. Be sure to “like” the page to get new comics 3 times a week as well as info on upcoming projects!

Matty is still trying to get Dan to dig on Spotify, a great service that gives you access to thousands of music tracks from just about every artist known to man! It’s free to set up an account, click this link to give Matty some referral love! And if you follow @Junkiosity on Twitter, we love you long time!

We were excited to have our first groupie join us in-house today! “Jen the Groupie” has been following us for awhile and thinks we’re pretty funny guys! Thanks, Jen!

A  discussion of “story” songs came up, songs that (obviously) tell as story. From “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” to one of the more modern songs such as R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet“, such songs often spin imagery through their lyrics   that often do not need a video to explain them. Matty’s favorite? “Alice’s Restaurant” (which is a true story & had become a movie). Dan’s? “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by The Pogues and also “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” by Weird Al Yankovic.

Matty picked up a case of Metromint water from a local discount grocery store and forced Dan to taste-test it. Matty thinks that the water would probably do best on a hot day or intense workout, the mint offering a “cooling sensation” even at room temperature. Dan, well, his reaction was a little different – “If there was nothing else to drink, I’d drink it.” Jen took a few swigs and had mixed reactions, a taste that needed to get used to. She thought it odd that she didn’t enjoy it at first being that she chews gum & mints…

Taking his son to school, Matty heard the song “Kodachrome” by Simon & Garfunkel on the local classic hits station (notice they are now “classic hits” instead of “oldies”, dang PC police!) and mentioned that kids today are kind of deprived of some of the more mundane and yet sometimes joyful things of his youth. Film cameras, corded phones, cassettes, VHS tapes, old technology that made you work a little.


Be sure to vote in the poll for which movie Matty & Dan will record a commentary podcast for!:


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