Here it is another week and another episode of Junkiosity – the Pod! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing! Here are some helpful links from today’s conversation:

Dan is the creator of Stick Man Tim Comics, which can be found on Facebook. Be sure to “like” the page to get new comics 3 times a week as well as info on upcoming projects!

Matty is still trying to get Dan to dig on Spotify, a great service that gives you access to thousands of music tracks from just about every artist known to man! It’s free to set up an account, click this link to give Matty some referral love! And if you follow @Junkiosity on Twitter, we love you long time!

Lots of thanks to Jen the Groupie for stopping by yet again this week! Yes, she is real! Anyway, our discussion today was all about jobs – dream jobs, first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in-between.

Matty said the inspiration of today’s show was THIS article on McDonald’s workers and how their expenses exceed their income by a HUGE margin in some cases. Dan agrees that fast food workers need an increase in pay, but not to $15/hr.

Unfortunately, the Mutant League Football Kickstarter campaign failed to receive funding. There are rumors that it will return and if it does, Dan STRONGLY suggests kicking in as little as $2 to help them out!

Until next week, remember:


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