Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wish

Here it is another week and another episode of Junkiosity – the Pod! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing! Here are some helpful links from today’s conversation:

Dan is the creator of Stick Man Tim Comics, which can be found on Facebook. Be sure to “like” the page to get new comics 3 times a week as well as info on upcoming projects!

Matty has finally gotten Dan to dig on Spotify, a great service that gives you access to thousands of music tracks from just about every artist known to man! It’s free to set up an account, click this link to give Matty some referral love! And if you follow @Junkiosity on Twitter, we love you long time!

Junkiosity – The Pod can now be found on Facebook! Be sure to “like” our page for updates & random junk we come across!

Well, kiddies, before there was the “internet” we would wait patiently for the mailman to bring us the Christmas catalogs from such retailers as Montgomery Wards, Sears, & JC Penney. Dubbed “wishbooks”, they were our reference material to compile our lists for Santa Claus to bring us. Yet another thing kids today are missing out on…

Here’s a website that has several scans of old catalogs – WishbookWeb

Matty has compiled a pretty decent playlist of Christmas songs for you to bop along to at work, home, or on the road (if you have Spotify Premium!) – Christmas Tunes

Talking about Christmas music, Matty says there are a few that gets him choked up. As of late it has been the comedian Rodney Carrington’s rendition of “Camouflage & Christmas Lights“, about our military men & women who cannot be home with their families at Christmas… Dan’s of course is “Fairy Tale of New York” by The Pogues, we shared links to a documentary on last week’s blogpost.

There has always been that “white whale” Christmas gift that you pined for and never received as a kid. For Matty it was a ColecoVision console that could play not only Coleco cartridges but also its rival’s (the Atari 2600) carts as well. The graphics were FAR superior and were only eclipsed when the Nintendo NES was released years later.

Dan’s elusive gift was either the Death Star playset or the USS Flagg playset

Jen the Intern says hers was the Barbie Dream House

Matty highly recommends checking out the book, “A Redbird Christmas: A Novel” by Fannie Flagg (the author of “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café“). It’s an annual Christmas read for him, a touching & humorous story…

Next week will be the last podcast until the new year! Be sure to tune in and find out what the gang’s resolutions will be!


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