Interview with the Intern


Interview with an Intern

Here it is another week and another episode of Junkiosity – the Pod! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing!

Dan is the creator of Stick Man Tim Comics, which can be found on Facebook. Be sure to “like” the page to get new comics 3 times a week as well as info on upcoming projects!

Matty has finally gotten Dan to dig on Spotify, a great service that gives you access to thousands of music tracks from just about every artist known to man! It’s free to set up an account, click this link to give Matty some referral love! And if you follow @Junkiosity on Twitter, we love you long time!

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MattyV’s new Kindle book is available now on Amazon! “Tales from the Rec: The Pool King, Part One” is a serialized novel in the vein of Stephen King’s “The Green Mile“, Matty’s hoping to crank out a new part to the story every 2 weeks! Check it out for 99c or for free if you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle device!

Starting out with a conversation about the ramifications of the “Happy Birthday” copyright lawsuits and how restaurants have had to make up their own birthday songs along with a personal story MattyV shares about an incident with a restaurant birthday song… Then Dan gets a little lewd with his birthday story about a strip club…

Here are some of the more frivolous lawsuits we discussed today:

Leonard Vs. PepsiCo – Guy sends in check in excess of $700,000 plus 15 points to buy a Harrier Jet as advertised on a Pepsi commercial…

Liebeck Vs. Mcdonald’s – Woman spills hot coffee in her lap, receives 3rd degree burns on her thighs, legs, & genitals…

And more recently – Starbucks Vs. Exit 6 Pub & Brewery, Starbucks sent a “Cease & Desist” letter to the pub over their beer called “Frappicino” (misspelled). Brewer sends check for the beers along with a sarcastic letter that goes viral. They have since renamed it “The F-Word” beer…

Then we get to interviewing Jen, who thinks she’s a boring person (she’s not)…

Some of her favorites:

Mr. Bungle – a side project of Mike Patton from Faith No More

Oklahoma is where she’d like to set roots down some day

If she won a million dollars and had to leave North America, The Netherlands is the place she’d escape to

In a world of Elvis people and Beatles people, she’s an Elvis person – specifically the 1970’s Elvis

And we kidded around with her at the end, knowing she’s a big Ween fan (NSFW)


Oops, forgot to mention the book on pizza delivery that almost guarantees more tips. MattyV got it for free, he feels its well-worth the price if you’re a pizza delivery driver…

There you have it, now you know a little more about our favorite intern, Jen!






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