YouTube, Entitlement, & Comics

YouTube, Entitlement, & Comics

Here it is another week and another episode of Junkiosity – the Pod! Matty & Dan the Man are once again sharing with you their knowledge about absolutely nothing!

Dan is the creator of Stick Man Tim Comics, which can be found on Facebook. Be sure to “like” the page to get new comics 3 times a week as well as info on upcoming projects!

Matty has finally gotten Dan to dig on Spotify, a great service that gives you access to thousands of music tracks from just about every artist known to man! It’s free to set up an account, click this link to give Matty some referral love! And if you follow @Junkiosity on Twitter, we love you long time!

Junkiosity – The Pod can now be found on Facebook! Be sure to “like” our page for updates & random junk we come across!

MattyV’s new Kindle book is available now on Amazon! “Tales from the Rec: The Pool King, Part One” is a serialized novel in the vein of Stephen King’s “The Green Mile“, Matty’s hoping to crank out a new part to the story every 2 weeks! Check it out for 99c or for free if you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle device!

It was a Jimmy Kimmel Live bit that asked the question, “Which is better, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?”

Matty couldn’t find The Man Show’s bit about repealing women’s suffrage, but here is a different one with similar results

And of course the old chestnut of “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt!” 

The conversation spanned a lot of topics today from the above videos to the seeming presence of an “entitlement” mentality more and more these days. We ended up talking about comics, a subject we will expound on in a future show.

We are looking for a contestant for an upcoming podcast for the game, “Name that 80’s Riff!” Give us a shout out on our Facebook page if you want to play along!

Until next week, kiddies!


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