So here we are, another week another pod!

Games, games, Facebook games started out the show, what games they’re playing and what annoys the crap out of Dan!

We got a little topical talking about Nick Cannon’s recent “white-face” photo promoting his new album. Matty recalled a skit by Eddie Murphy that kind of mirrored Nick’s stunt. All three concluded that there is a double-standard when it comes to stuff like this, white people would get blasted off the planet for attempting such…

The conversation also turned to children’s names and Matty spoke about a bit done by Lewis Black regarding a couple of names that written out are naughty words but are pronounced totally differently. This prompted talk about an SNL skit with Nicholas Cage from 1992

We goofed on the stupid things tourists do on vacations to other countries and spit-balled a moneymaker we can do in our own hometown!

We talked a little about vacations, vacations taken when we were younger, the thought of what constitutes a vacation, and if you’re on Twitter – check out the Spotify playlist we’ve started on songs that remind us of vacations…

Matty shared an embarrassing story of his one (and ONLY!) visit to a strip club 20 years ago. You can actually hear the embarrassment in his voice as he tells the tale!

Lastly, we talked a little about weed and several stories that have been in the news regarding its legalization and problems that have arisen because of it…


Until next week, Junkies!



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