My Strange Addictions

My Strange Addictions


Welcome back, Junkies!

Interesting show this week (as always!) that encompassed the topic of addictions, from the strange to the “socially-acceptable”. Wikipedia has a good definition of addiction and all agreed that it was spot-on.

Matty shared one of his addictions that he will seek counseling for, as did Dan the Man & Jen. We touched on strange addictions and the more mainstream ones as well. There are addiction shows abounding on television and Matty questions as to whether or not they are helping or hurting.

Matty posed the question – why is the show “Hoarders” kind of seen as a bad thing when “Extreme Couponing” is seen as “socially acceptable” when both shows deal with the same addiction?

Finally, Matty found a “guilty pleasure” movie from his early teen years on YouTube. Check out “Hamburger the Movie” for some laughs (beware there is some nudity and sexual innuendo!)

Until next week!


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