On Location

On Location

Hey there, Junkies! Matty got a new toy and decided to try it out today! Today the gang took a field trip downtown to visit the “junk wagons” and talk about all the things that come with having a fairly famous festival happen right in your own hometown.

Matty thought that some of the prices were outrageous at the wagons, many of the items could be made at home for much less. Here are a few recipes to make some festival favorites at home:

Lemon “Shake Ups” – $5.00 retail

–  Large plastic container (large-mouthed water bottles work best)

– 1/2 fresh lemon

– Ice

– 1/4 cup Lemonade powder (Country Time is best, generic will do)

– Water

– Macerated strawberries (optional)

Put ice into plastic container along with lemonade powder & water. Squeeze half of lemon into container and then drop lemon into container. Add macerated strawberries if you like and cover container. Shake well until all powder is dissolved & enjoy. Homemade cost – around 75c.

Lemon “Shake Ups” came onto the local festival scene around the mid-1990’s. There was one stand the first year that did a pretty brisk business. Since then just about every wagon you come across is advertising the sale of them.


“Walking Tacos” – Retail $5.00

– Individual bag of Fritos (can be found at your local gas station or convenience store)

–  1/4 cup Seasoned beef taco meat

– Shredded cheddar cheese

– Lettuce (shredded)

– Tomatoes (chopped)

– Onions (minced)

– Taco sauce (optional)

Open bag of Fritos, spoon taco meat into bag. Cover with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, & taco sauce (in that order). Grab a fork & dig in! Homemade cost – around $2.00 (depending on the size of the bag of Fritos)

Still blows my mind that people pay so much for something that can be made for almost a 1/3 of the cost. At least when you go to a festival or fair, get something you wouldn’t be able to make at home!


Caramel Apple “Chips” – Retail $3.50-$4.00

– Large apple (Granny Smith work well)

– 1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping (get the kind that comes in a glass jar)

Core & slice apple into grippable slices and place into a bowl, arranging slices neatly. Heat caramel topping in microwave per directions. Drizzle caramel over slices, careful to leave one end of slices untouched so you can grip/dip. Homemade cost – around $1.00

A little less messy than eating a caramel apple on a stick, but a bit more expensive as well.


A recent addition to the local festival has been a traveling carnival setting up right downtown during the festival week. It costs money just to enter the small compound (allegedly to deter gang activity – what gang wants to spend $15 each to get into a carnival?), although some of the money is refunded in the form of tickets that can be redeemed for rides. Still freaks me out that the main “thrill” of these rides is that they were set-up in a parking lot by people that may or may not have finished high school (no offense).

Not into rides? How about the games where you can win blow-up assault rifles, posters of P!nk, or a 30c stuffed animal. There’s a trick to many of the games, I found a website with tips & tricks to a lot of the carnival games.


Until next week, Junkies!



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