Season of Dread

Season of Dread


Hello Junkies!

Today’s topic was bittersweet for sure. Some have great memories, others not-so-great as apparent in our conversation. It is (or has been) prom season, time for juniors & seniors to get dressed up for awkward photos & an even more awkward evening. Guys dressing up in rented tuxes and gals wearing beautiful (and often expensive) dresses that will only be worn once. A lot has changed since the days our gang “tripped the light fantastic” in the old rental hall.

A big change since the gang went to prom last is the cost to go. Every year (up until this year) the cost of going to prom has increased. The addition of what was once considered “luxury” items such as limousine rentals and high-end dresses from exclusive designers have become the norm.

How about a duct tape dress or tux? This phenomenon burst onto the scene many years ago and has pretty much become “old hat”. There are now scholarship contests available for those that are most creative with their duct tape clothing. Here is a gallery of images of what duct tape duds look like…

The “promposal” is another addition where teens use extravagant and out-of-the-box ideas to ask someone to prom. YouTube & the internet are filled with ideas and videos of these events. Here’s a website with a list of 21 “promposals” that are “clever” not to work. Some don’t think the phenomenon is cute or clever, check out this post from the website PeopleIWantToPunchInTheFace

There have been a few movies that contain proms, the most iconic was that of the movie “Footloose” (the 1980’s version with Kevin Bacon, not the cheesy recent remake). With the proliferation of the internet and access to satellite radio and television, I don’t think the premise of this movie would hold up today – a small town banning music & dancing due to a bunch of teens getting killed on their way back from dancing at a club in the “big” city.

Of course “Back to the Future” has to be on the list, Marty McFly traveling back in time and having to help his nerdy father hook up with his mother at their “Enchantment Under the Sea” prom so he has a future to go back to.

One of the more “gritty” ones would be “Pretty in Pink“, Molly Ringwald as an outsider on the other side of the tracks who catches the eye of a rich prep from the upper crust. The ending may seem like a downer, but wait!

She’s All That” (the movie Jay & Silent Bob state was the beginning of Miramax’s downfall) pits a preppy guy wanting to turn a homely girl into a prom queen.

Drive Me Crazy” finds the opposite, a preppy girl wanting to turn a slacker into a prom catch.

Never Been Kissed” also finds a little prom action with Drew Barrymore as the foil…

A little-known gem called “Angus” finds the fat kid in school torn between dreamily wanting after the high school hottie & being who he really is. Although this isn’t technically a “prom” movie, a winter formal does play a significant part in the film.


Do you have a prom story? Did you go to prom? Do you have a feeling that something is missing in your life that you attribute to not going to prom? Leave a comment and let us know!


Oh, here’s the dude looking to collect every copy of the movie “Speed” on VHS & outfitting his Dodge van to look like the bus from the movie…


Until next week Junkies!


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