Hey Junkies!

We finally have our GoFundMe donation page set up so we can upgrade the podcast! Click HERE to donate towards our cause and remember, Matty promised a “topless” pic if we raise over $5,000 so help us reach that goal and see some man-boobies!

This week we talked Summatime and all the things that remind us of it! Even though Jenn said that she didn’t ever visit an ice cream truck, Breyer’s Gelato Indugences is her current favorite ice cream treat! Dan is a fan of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream, while Matty prefers Edy’s Limited Edition Girl Scout Samoas Cookie ice cream.

The gang took time to come up with a “Summa Jams Playlist” of songs that remind them of summer or turn their radios up when they come on. Check it out! Don’t have Spotify? Get a free account via Matty’s shameless referral button at the top of our blog! Want to add to the playlist? Just put your suggestion in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Dan is digging on “The Sopranos” right now, Matty talked about this YouTube video showing the meaning of the last episode…

We talked about those of us who are more “mature” have a deeper connection to music than today’s generation (along with a lot of other deeper appreciations for books/movies/television shows”. We also have a disdain for the commercialization of venue names. Keep the old name, dammit! They were much cooler-sounding!

Donate much & donate often so we can bring you better pods!


Until next week, Junkies!



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