Chrome, Whitesnake, & Funerals

Chrome, Whitesnake, & Funerals

Hey Junkies!

This week was varied as far as our topics, we discussed a little of the California Chrome debacle and agreeing that changing the rules makes the possibility of a Triple Crown greater and also diminishes the specialness of the title. We also talked a bit about Tawny Kitaen and her beating up MLB relief pitcher Chuck Finley with her shoe.

Matty confessed to noticing a woman’s underwear outline through her dress while out walking, the whole gang discussed the subject of appropriate undergarments and inappropriate fashion.

Matty talked a bit about the book he is reading by Russell Simmons, Dan finished up the Divergent series, & Jen spoke about a book about Michigan she recently picked up.

A few movies on the horizon that are on Matty’s list to see are: “Divergent“, “The Giver“, & “The Maze Runner“, which are all based on sci-fi novels.

In our segment, “Whoring it Out” – Dan’s pick of the week is the HBO series, “The Sopranos” and for those that have either Amazon Prime or HBO On-Demand can watch the entire series run for free. Recently, “Game of Thrones” has overtaken the title of most-watched HBO series ever…

Jen is getting into “Halt & Catch Fire” which takes place in the late 1970’s and revolves around the coming computer revolution. She compared it slightly to an updated “Mad Men” (a series she LOVES) so she may get attached to it as well…

Matty is partial to 2 series right now that are only available on Netflix – “Derek“, Ricky Gervais’ series about a mentally-handicapped volunteer in an old folks home & “Orange is the New Black“, based on the novel by Piper Kerwin & developed by Jenji Kohan. Both are in their 2nd seasons, Matty is once again pissed off about the way the season ended for “Derek”…

Lastly, Matty wants to share THIS ARTICLE about the 5 horrifying truths about funeral homes… Beware, it does get graphic…


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Until next week Junkies!



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