Stay Cool

Stay Cool


Hey there Junkies!

This week was mainly about “being cool”, our definition of what is “cool”, and of course other stuff!

One of the things that define “cool” for Matty is sunglasses and not just any sunglasses. Matty has had a fascination with Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster style sunglasses when he didn’t even know their name. Ever since seeing Bruce Willis as the character David Addison on “Moonlighting” wear them, he had to have a pair. On a family vacation Matty located a knock-off at a flea market and wore the crap out of them until they got scratched & broken. Recently, after saving up for them, Matty acquired an official pair of prescription Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

Dan is achingly awaiting the final episode of “Fargo” on the SyFy channel. Not since the ending of “Breaking Bad” has he jonesed so bad to see what happens…

Jenn is currently into listening to podcasts while she toils away the hours. “The Adam Corolla Show” is her current podcast obsession and thinks you all should check it out!

A podcast recommendation from Matty is “Food is the New Rock” with Zach Brooks & Chuck P. Zack is a food blogger in NYC & Chuck is a radio host on KCRW. Each week they spend time interviewing music artists about food and chefs about music. They have interviewed many interesting guests from Duff Goldman to Henry Rollins. Matty highly recommends the Henry Rollins interview, he had quite a few stories about eating while on tour both in the states and around the world.

The gang was fond of the movie, “The Breakfast Club” growing up and found a quiz to see what character they most associate with. All three are John Bender according to the quiz, let us know what character you associate with on the quiz!

We talked about KISS making it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (finally) and went off on remakes, re-imaginings, & the plethora of special “cuts” of films. Matty has “Jodorowky’s Dune” on his Netflix queue, a documentary about efforts to make Frank Herbert’s “Dune” book into a movie in the 1970’s which is way-before David Lynch’s version in 1982. Salvador Dali was to be a part of the cast. SALVADOR DALI!


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