Bike Rant

Bike Rant


This week the guys (and gal) had fun talking about all sorts of things this week, from hiring teens for summer work to Dan’s promised rant!

They all agreed that hiring teens for summer jobs was the worst. Promises of working shifts and overtime were waylaid with family trips & sudden illnesses (beach fever!). Matty contends that for the movie theater, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend was the worst time to work. For Dan, pizza places find the school year to be the worst…

The gang discussed that they gauge which movies they will see in theaters versus waiting to rent or see on HBO. A Million Ways to Die in the West is a definite renter according to Dan.

The Purge: Anarchy might be another renter versus seeing it in the theater. Dan refuses to see As Above, So Below since he hates caves or being underground….

Matty recommends getting Amazon Prime, they have now added streaming music (akin to Pandora or Spotify) as well as many HBO series.

Don’t forget to take our poll! Until next week Junkies!



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