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Summer School!

Yep, the long-awaited 2nd commentary from the gang at Junkiosity – The Pod is finally available! Join MattyV, Dan the Man, & Jen the Intern as they crack wise during the seminal classic – “Summer School” starring Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley, & Courtney Thorne-Smith!

Rent the DVD from your local movie rental store or online from Amazon Instant Video or YouTube, or if you have Netflix Instant Streaming you can watch it for FREE!

This is how it works:

1) Download the commentary pod HERE

2) Put on your headphones or turn up your computer’s volume & listen for the queue in the podcast to start the movie

3) Enjoy watching and listening


Easy as that! If you haven’t seen “Summer School” and want to check out the trailer, we’ve got you covered!


Enjoy the show, Junkies!

Craigslist, Squatting, & CTFU

Craigslist, Squatters, & CTFU

Hey there Junkies!

Another fun-filled pod today as we talked about all sorts of topics, some more topical than others (if that’s possible!)…

Dan talked about the business of selling World of Warcraft accounts for basically pennies on the dollar. For the time and effort put into such an account, you really end up getting less than minimum wage for it…

We delved a little into the world of Craigslist and talked about a local story of a Craigslist hook-up gone wrong. Matty admits to buying and selling on Craigslist from time to time, but only willing to meet people at his office during daylight hours (for obvious reasons). There have been too many stories of people getting robbed while selling such items as an Xbox One & asked to meet after dark in a secluded location.

Although since the extension of PayPal Buyer Protection, eBay still is home to some clever scammers such as this one that scammed someone out of $750 for a PHOTO of an Xbox One – Day One edition. Many years ago when the Xbox 360 & PS3 debuted, it wasn’t uncommon to find auctions selling photos of the consoles or even the empty boxes the consoles came in and there would be no retaliation because the auction description was clear on what was being sold. Such deception is no longer tolerated by eBay and yet some slip through the cracks. Buyer Beware!

Air BnB has been in the news lately thanks to a renter that turned squatter. The service basically allows people to rent their home/condo while they’re not home. It’s cheaper than a hotel and the owner gets a little cash while they aren’t home. Unfortunately this poor owner found out that an Air BnB renter is considered to be a “tenant” and will need to be evicted which will take months and thousands of dollars… Another hapless soul rented their apartment in NYC to someone under the guise that he needed a place for himself and his family to stay for a wedding and found out later it was for a “freak fest” sex orgy. The apartment dweller is possibly going to get evicted for violating the lease agreement (no subletting allowed) but Air BnB has helped the person out with some of the damages.

We were all a little surprised at the meaning of CTFU (NSFW), we had heard other iterations such as STFU (NSFW) but this was a new one…

Dan mentioned someone he used to work with having a tongue piercing that made them hard to understand, Matty thought of this clip from the movie “Rat Race”…

Matty & Jen the Intern remembered Christopher Titus’ bit about the word “retard”…


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Until next week, Junkies!

Homeless Hot Dog Carts

Homeless Hot Dog Carts


Hello Junkies!

Matty started right off talking about a local story that went viral a few years ago, a 13-year old’s hot dog cart was shut down by the city due to local ordinances. City officials shut it down due to an ordinance that stipulated that mobile food carts that are not connected to a brick & mortar store are banned from selling in the downtown area with the exemption of 2 weeks during the Tulip Time Festival. Stepfather was arrested a short time later for fraud, possibly due to all the media attention. There is a comment on the YouTube clip from Nathan directing people to a website to donate so he could resume selling in 2013, but there is no website mentioned. Unfortunately this story has no end…

Dan lamented about not finding a donut shop in town that compares to the one from where he used to live

The gang talked about the proliferation of pan-handlers in the area, within the last 2 years it was deemed that panhandling was legal outside the city limits. Since then just about every major intersection outside the city limits have seen panhandlers begging for money from people waiting for the light to change. Dan mentioned an article series (part 1 & part 2) from Jon Stossel. One in particular was outed on Facebook, a seemingly-emaciated teen could be seen daily with a sign asking for money – and getting it. Turns out the teen lives in a modest home with his parents, drives a nice car, & pocketed upwards of $200 a day from his begging. The story goes that his parents told him to get a job, so he decided to start panhandling.

Here is the trailer for the documentary, “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia“, which is available for free instant streaming with an Amazon Prime account or for DVD rental through your Netflix subscription.

Matty looked into it, apparently there are some ATMs out there that offer lower denominations than just $20 bills

Here are some comments on an article about Michigan’s EBT program about witnessed events of people purchasing pop only to dump it out to return cans so they can buy cigarettes or liquor. Dan alluded to some of the points found in the documentary, “Food Inc.” about how crappy food is cheaper than healthier stuff.

Matty will admit that he did partake of the junior high salad bar, but they were salads in the sense that they contained vegetables. Mostly drown in thousand island dressing, shredded cheese, olives, & bacon bits…

We talked about a few more topics but Matty is tied up at the moment…


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Until next week, Junkies!

Pot, Birthdays, & Cellphones

Pot, Birthdays, & Cellphones


Hello Junkies!

This week was an interesting one at that. We talked about all sorts of things from Dan’s birthday to legalized pot in Washington state (and we were right, the only legal recreational pot store closed their doors after 2 days because they ran out of inventory).

Dan shared that Beverly Hills Cop IV will partially be filming in the state of Michigan & the gang talked about recent movies starring Eddie Murphy in a lead role. Matty was thinking of “Meet Dave“…

Dan shared a little of his birthday festivities and gave us a recipe for his “Apple Pie Mutha-Trucker” – 1 part Apple Pucker, 1 part vodka (Popov preferably), & 1 part Sprite, 7-Up, or Sierra Mist. Matty suggested maybe trying one of those vanilla or whipped cream-infused vodkas to give it more of an “apple pie” taste. Matty also admitted to imbibing on occasion and his most recent purchase was Redd’s Apple Ale.

Matty gave Dan a blast from the past little gift, a selection of Ferrara Pan candies. Matty remembers these from his childhood, unfortunately due to politically-correctness, Cherry Chan & Melonheads are no longer in production.

To go along with that, the gang talked about the Felt Mansion and the legend of the Melonheads.

Jen’s gift to Dan was from the heart, a classic Ponderosa coffee mug. Dan spent a few years at Ponderosa and probably washed quite a few of those mugs.

July 4th weekend was tragic in Chicago, 82 people shot & 14 dead so far. Flavor Flav got busted with over 100lbs of illegal fireworks in Nevada.

With a forthcoming album, Judas Priest’s marketing team is claiming it is “classic Priest”. What does that mean? Dan just wants to know why the album is going to be good, not just the fact that it sounds like earlier albums.

Question – are vinyl albums making a comeback in your opinion?

Dan had a classic iPod as his first MP3 player, Jen had a cellphone as her first, MattyV’s was a Rio Diamond 300 and its whopping 32mb of space!

Matty mentioned this commercial for the Samsung Galaxy entitled – “Don’t be a wall hugger” as well as mentioning that TSA is requiring all electronics to power on before boarding flights because of recent information about bombs in cellphones.

Dan is whoring out Psychostick, a “humor-core” metal band, sounds a little like Weird Al gone metal…

Jen didn’t have much to whore out, just her best friend ibuprofen after having a tooth removed…

Matty whored out the new “reality” show on A&E, “Big Smo“, which follows the career & life of a redneck rap artist. We put “reality” in quotes because it’s technically reality, meaning the situations may have happened but not necessarily on-camera.


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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Hey Junkies! It’s been another interesting week on the pod. We started off talking about Jen’s tummy ache & the need to “get your money’s worth” when going out to eat whether in a sit-down restaurant or a buffet.

We also discussed a recent ordinance proposal in our area that would allow only a percentage of homes in a neighborhood to be rentals.

Matty watch a documentary series on Netflix called, “Forgotten Planet“, that focused in on abandoned towns around the world and in the United States. Even though some of the places aren’t truly “abandoned” (Gary, IN & Detroit, MI for example), it was interesting to see that towns that sprung up around one industry were doomed to be abandoned when the industry left or dried up. Jen brought up the story of Love Canal, NY which seemed to have a similar fate as Picher, OK as far as the town being condemned due to toxicity.

We also talked about corporate sponsorships and the changing of venue & event names. Matty said it reminded him of the movie, “Idiocracy“. We are getting closer to that reality every day…

Dan goes off on a rant with the “forced” name change of the Washington Redskins due to its political incorrectness. He wonders where it will stop. Matty shared the story of Virginia Tech’s Hokie Bird mascot, despite what Dan says…

Yes, a former employee is suing Benjamin Moore Paints for racist paint names

This week’s segment of “Does This Taste Funny” found a thumbs up from Jen & Matty, Dan was a bit disgusted. Kale is considered a “super food” because of all its benefits. Here is Matty’s recipe for kale chips you can make at home:

1lb Scots kale (also known as “curly-leaf”)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Wash & dry kale leaves. Cut stems off leaves and tear leaves into chip-sized pieces. Arrange pieces in a single layer on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with EVOO & sea salt. Other flavors can be added like red pepper flake to spice up the chips. Place in oven for 10 minutes or until the edges of the pieces are slightly browned. Remove from cooking sheet and allow to cool. Store in zip plastic bags (although they are so good that you won’t need to store them!).

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