Pot, Birthdays, & Cellphones

Pot, Birthdays, & Cellphones


Hello Junkies!

This week was an interesting one at that. We talked about all sorts of things from Dan’s birthday to legalized pot in Washington state (and we were right, the only legal recreational pot store closed their doors after 2 days because they ran out of inventory).

Dan shared that Beverly Hills Cop IV will partially be filming in the state of Michigan & the gang talked about recent movies starring Eddie Murphy in a lead role. Matty was thinking of “Meet Dave“…

Dan shared a little of his birthday festivities and gave us a recipe for his “Apple Pie Mutha-Trucker” – 1 part Apple Pucker, 1 part vodka (Popov preferably), & 1 part Sprite, 7-Up, or Sierra Mist. Matty suggested maybe trying one of those vanilla or whipped cream-infused vodkas to give it more of an “apple pie” taste. Matty also admitted to imbibing on occasion and his most recent purchase was Redd’s Apple Ale.

Matty gave Dan a blast from the past little gift, a selection of Ferrara Pan candies. Matty remembers these from his childhood, unfortunately due to politically-correctness, Cherry Chan & Melonheads are no longer in production.

To go along with that, the gang talked about the Felt Mansion and the legend of the Melonheads.

Jen’s gift to Dan was from the heart, a classic Ponderosa coffee mug. Dan spent a few years at Ponderosa and probably washed quite a few of those mugs.

July 4th weekend was tragic in Chicago, 82 people shot & 14 dead so far. Flavor Flav got busted with over 100lbs of illegal fireworks in Nevada.

With a forthcoming album, Judas Priest’s marketing team is claiming it is “classic Priest”. What does that mean? Dan just wants to know why the album is going to be good, not just the fact that it sounds like earlier albums.

Question – are vinyl albums making a comeback in your opinion?

Dan had a classic iPod as his first MP3 player, Jen had a cellphone as her first, MattyV’s was a Rio Diamond 300 and its whopping 32mb of space!

Matty mentioned this commercial for the Samsung Galaxy entitled – “Don’t be a wall hugger” as well as mentioning that TSA is requiring all electronics to power on before boarding flights because of recent information about bombs in cellphones.

Dan is whoring out Psychostick, a “humor-core” metal band, sounds a little like Weird Al gone metal…

Jen didn’t have much to whore out, just her best friend ibuprofen after having a tooth removed…

Matty whored out the new “reality” show on A&E, “Big Smo“, which follows the career & life of a redneck rap artist. We put “reality” in quotes because it’s technically reality, meaning the situations may have happened but not necessarily on-camera.


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Until next week, Junkies!


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