Homeless Hot Dog Carts

Homeless Hot Dog Carts


Hello Junkies!

Matty started right off talking about a local story that went viral a few years ago, a 13-year old’s hot dog cart was shut down by the city due to local ordinances. City officials shut it down due to an ordinance that stipulated that mobile food carts that are not connected to a brick & mortar store are banned from selling in the downtown area with the exemption of 2 weeks during the Tulip Time Festival. Stepfather was arrested a short time later for fraud, possibly due to all the media attention. There is a comment on the YouTube clip from Nathan directing people to a website to donate so he could resume selling in 2013, but there is no website mentioned. Unfortunately this story has no end…

Dan lamented about not finding a donut shop in town that compares to the one from where he used to live

The gang talked about the proliferation of pan-handlers in the area, within the last 2 years it was deemed that panhandling was legal outside the city limits. Since then just about every major intersection outside the city limits have seen panhandlers begging for money from people waiting for the light to change. Dan mentioned an article series (part 1 & part 2) from Jon Stossel. One in particular was outed on Facebook, a seemingly-emaciated teen could be seen daily with a sign asking for money – and getting it. Turns out the teen lives in a modest home with his parents, drives a nice car, & pocketed upwards of $200 a day from his begging. The story goes that his parents told him to get a job, so he decided to start panhandling.

Here is the trailer for the documentary, “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia“, which is available for free instant streaming with an Amazon Prime account or for DVD rental through your Netflix subscription.

Matty looked into it, apparently there are some ATMs out there that offer lower denominations than just $20 bills

Here are some comments on an article about Michigan’s EBT program about witnessed events of people purchasing pop only to dump it out to return cans so they can buy cigarettes or liquor. Dan alluded to some of the points found in the documentary, “Food Inc.” about how crappy food is cheaper than healthier stuff.

Matty will admit that he did partake of the junior high salad bar, but they were salads in the sense that they contained vegetables. Mostly drown in thousand island dressing, shredded cheese, olives, & bacon bits…

We talked about a few more topics but Matty is tied up at the moment…


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Until next week, Junkies!


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