Craigslist, Squatting, & CTFU

Craigslist, Squatters, & CTFU

Hey there Junkies!

Another fun-filled pod today as we talked about all sorts of topics, some more topical than others (if that’s possible!)…

Dan talked about the business of selling World of Warcraft accounts for basically pennies on the dollar. For the time and effort put into such an account, you really end up getting less than minimum wage for it…

We delved a little into the world of Craigslist and talked about a local story of a Craigslist hook-up gone wrong. Matty admits to buying and selling on Craigslist from time to time, but only willing to meet people at his office during daylight hours (for obvious reasons). There have been too many stories of people getting robbed while selling such items as an Xbox One & asked to meet after dark in a secluded location.

Although since the extension of PayPal Buyer Protection, eBay still is home to some clever scammers such as this one that scammed someone out of $750 for a PHOTO of an Xbox One – Day One edition. Many years ago when the Xbox 360 & PS3 debuted, it wasn’t uncommon to find auctions selling photos of the consoles or even the empty boxes the consoles came in and there would be no retaliation because the auction description was clear on what was being sold. Such deception is no longer tolerated by eBay and yet some slip through the cracks. Buyer Beware!

Air BnB has been in the news lately thanks to a renter that turned squatter. The service basically allows people to rent their home/condo while they’re not home. It’s cheaper than a hotel and the owner gets a little cash while they aren’t home. Unfortunately this poor owner found out that an Air BnB renter is considered to be a “tenant” and will need to be evicted which will take months and thousands of dollars… Another hapless soul rented their apartment in NYC to someone under the guise that he needed a place for himself and his family to stay for a wedding and found out later it was for a “freak fest” sex orgy. The apartment dweller is possibly going to get evicted for violating the lease agreement (no subletting allowed) but Air BnB has helped the person out with some of the damages.

We were all a little surprised at the meaning of CTFU (NSFW), we had heard other iterations such as STFU (NSFW) but this was a new one…

Dan mentioned someone he used to work with having a tongue piercing that made them hard to understand, Matty thought of this clip from the movie “Rat Race”…

Matty & Jen the Intern remembered Christopher Titus’ bit about the word “retard”…


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Until next week, Junkies!


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