Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along

Hello, Junkies!

Looks like we’ve begun to make it into the big time! We’ve just gotten word from TuneIn Radio that Junkiosity – The Pod will be added to their channel listings! You can check out the broadcast link HERE or search for “Junkiosity” on the TuneIn Radio app for iTunes & Android! We’re also on Stitcher Radio! Become a follower of both TuneIn & Stitcher to help us build our audience there so eventually we can get sponsors and bring you a bigger and better pod each week!


The title for today’s pod comes from the song featured in the classic 1979 film, “The Muppet Movie” as sung by Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear. Both Matty & Jen the Intern took a couple of day trips recently and recounted some of the fun stories.

Matty found an article that is going to limit/ban certain fundraisers from schools in an effort to curb childhood obesity. The gang talked of fundraisers they used to partake of & Matty told a story about how fundraising is done in parts of Texas. Appalling!

Gag me with a spoon! Someone catalogued some of the things that ended up in KFC fryers over the years (and no, they aren’t edible). The folks at HacktheMenu has a listing of “secret menu items” for a lot of the major fast food franchises. Anyone for a MonsterMac from McDonald’s?

Here’s that Girl Scout Cookie Fail that Matty talked about on the pod, all of us were crying laughing while watching it. You will too!

Dave Ramsey sent out a recent email newsletter talking about the 7 mistakes people make at restaurants. I know I’ve been guilty of a few… Whatever you do, don’t EVER send your food back according to Dan or suffer the wrath of the employees. (NSFW & NSFS)

New Mexico is proposing the requirement for childless recipients of food stamps to work at least 20 hours a week. Training & community service will count towards the work mandate, and it will extend a little for low-income parents & caregivers as well. Those that are pregnant, mentally/physically unable to work will continue to be exempt. Matty thinks that if someone who is able to work but can’t find any should still be able to volunteer or get some sort of additional training instead of sitting back collecting food stamps like “Lobster Boy” Jason Greenslate…

Coach Strong of Texas U has removed the Longhorns logo from team helmets and claim that players will have to “earn” them during training. The team has had it’s hands full with sexual allegations & sense of “entitlement” from being recruited. The coach may have something in order to ground the team members back into what matters most – playing the game…

Kind of off-topic (but when have we ever been totally on-topic?), we found this slideshow of what a British soldier would have in his possession from different periods ranging from 1066 to 2014. Matty thought that the 1915 kit was rather eerie with the gas mask & spiked trench club…

Matty’s been on a healthy mindset as of late, trying to each more fruits and vegetables. For those in the West Michigan area he recommends checking out Gold Barn Blueberries. It’s a U-Pick place which also offers already picked for those that don’t want to head into the bushes. At $1.45/lb for the U-Pick price, a great deal as well as good exercise. Matty likes U-Pick season because he can control the quality of the fruit himself (and save a few dollars while doing it).

Dan the Man has been getting his fix of the HBO show “Entourage“, devouring season after season. Based in part on the life of Mark Wahlberg, it follows the saga of “from the streets” Vincent Chase, his gang of friends, & their ride to Hollywood…

Jen’s been into Jalapeno peppers as of late (since being able to eat them post-extraction), fresh is best according to her…


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Until next week, Junkies!


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