Is Ketchup a Sacrilege?


Hello, Junkies!

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Matty found this article to start the pod off about a restaurant in Florida that refuses to serve ketchup (or “ketsap”) to anyone over the age of 10. We understand the need to “taste” food, but is it the restaurant’s right to keep Joe Six-Pack from drowning the fries he bought in ketchup?

Speaking of ketchup, how about the “world’s most expensive hot dog” that was marinated in $2000 cognac & topped with truffles, lobster, & Kobe beef? People are coughing up $100 for one of these wieners dubbed “the dragon dog”…

Maybe time to whet your whistle? How about a nice cold bottle of pot beer? A brewery in Vancouver has unveiled a beverage that uses marijuana instead of hops. And only $15 a bottle!

We’ve heard countless stories of the government stepping in to crush the dreams of young children by shutting down their bake sales, lemonade stands, & hot dog carts. But do you think this neighbor is out of line with complaints about a year-round lemonade stand?

Someone has been having too much fun, a Wikipedia edit-bot uncovered 6 separate occasions where anonymous congressional staffers have tried to edit the Wikipedia page for “Choco Taco“… Really? Nothing better to do?

Nothing signals the coming of fall like the back-to-school sales, the displays of Christmas items, & of course the caramel apple Oreos. Wait, whut? Caramel Apple Oreos?

We’ve all heard of the “pay it forward” philosophy and how many times at Christmas someone will pay for another’s meal anonymously as a way of giving. But how about 2 epic days of people buying each other coffee at a Starbucks? On 2 separate days, there were chains in excess of 300 people that continuously paid for the person behind them. In this article, a blogger admitted to ending the second chain before it got to the same level as the day before. Is he a dick or was he trying to preserve the specialness of the first record?

Forget “Ocean’s Eleven”, how about the “Minnesota Four” that tried to rip off a poker room for $200 through distractions and palmed cards?

Allowed to continue or throw the book at him? A man was mistakenly released from prison 90 years early & spent his time out in the world getting married, having a child, & getting a job, pretty much reforming himself. The mistake was found and he was ordered back to prison. Right or wrong?

Narrowly escaping a life sentence, a woman’s fiancée pretended to be his father and told her that he had died tragically just a short time before she was to unite with him in the bonds of marriage. Matty thinks he may have run into a case of “the crazies” and jumped ship just in time.

Another whistleblower lost out, a father outfitted his child with a recorder to record the verbal abuse he & other kids had been enduring from their school teacher. Amongst the rants recorded, one of the children was called “a bastard”. Unfortunately a judge ruled that the recording was made illegally & the teacher was cleared of all charges and tenure was not in jeopardy.

I don’t know how they can get away with this legally, but you can send a box of poop anonymously through the mail to the target of your choice. The weird thing? Matty doesn’t think the prices are all that outrageous…

And finally, this week’s “Does This Taste Funny?” was the odd entry in the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest – cappuccino-flavored potato chips. Basically take a Lay’s classic potato chip and dip it in your favorite instant cappuccino powder and you have an idea on what they taste like. The winner will most likely be the Bacon Mac n Cheese flavor (Cheesy Garlic Bread was last year’s winner) with Mango Salsa chips making an appearance from time to time (just as the Chicken & Waffles flavor did).

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Until next week, Junkies!


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