60 Days of Halloween – Mookie & Pookie

Halloween reminds me of a lot of things that don’t pertain to strictly just the holiday and today’s entry is proof of that. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite episodes from the series, “Tales from the Darkside“, an often creepier show similar to “The Twilight Zone” and the like. Back in the early-to-mid-1980’s, the show “Amazing Stories” was a hit for NBC (which was created by none other than Steven Spielberg) and that started a resurgence of the anthology-type show that offered a different story each week. Fresh from the success of “Creepshow” (an anthology-type movie where several stories were woven together), George A. Romero was approached to create a show based on the same concept. Since the “Creepshow” property was owned by another company, Romero and others created “Tales from the Darkside”. With stories from popular fiction authors such as Stephen King, “Tales from the Darkside” offered up a pretty good lineup for those looking for scares or unexpected endings.

One of my favorite episodes from the series is one entitled, “Mookie & Pookie”.

Mookie 1


The episode begins with a family sitting around playing a game of Scrabble, and look who it is!:

Mookie 2

None other than Mallory Keaton herself, Justine Bateman! She plays Pookie, one half of a pair of fraternal twins. Her brother, Mookie, is seriously ill and spends most of his days in bed surrounded by computers. Mookie & Pookie are nicknames they gave eacho0ther (must be a “twins” thing).:

Mookie 3

Mookie tells his sister that he has something for her to do when he passes away and asks her to promise that she would do it. After reluctance and telling him not to talk in such a fashion she agrees and goes back out to finish the game of Scrabble. Alarms go off and everyone rushes to Kevin’s room, finding that he had passed away seemingly peacefully (love the Neil Young shirt!):

Mookie 4

After a bit, Pookie remembers what her brother said and set about looking for the manual that he told her she needed. Her mother helps her and she locates the manual and begins programming his computer per the manual:

Mookie 5

Weeks go by and she is obsessed with the computer, failing to go outside or even see her friends:

Mookie 6

Her mother and father are obviously worried about her obsession:

Mookie 7


Her father makes a deal with a buddy at work to sell the computer and be done with the whole thing. Her mother is concerned but is also afraid that her daughter would completely break down:

Mookie 8


Telling their daughter that the computer was sold, she explains that her twin is INSIDE the computer! She is completing a program to allow him to reside in the computer and that she had been talking with him. Her father, upset by her delusions, demands that she prove it. Sitting at the keyboard, her father asks the computer if his son is there to no answer. After leaving, Pookie calls out to Mookie and he answers:

Mookie 9

He explains that his parents “aren’t ready” for the revelation of his presence. The next day, her father walks in with a telegram from Mookie explaining that she did a good job and that her parents need to sell the computer. She knows this is a lie and calls him out on it:

Mookie 10

He gets pissed and threatens to yank the electrical cord unless his son answers him:

Mookie 12

Kevin finally answers him via the voice synthesizer he had ordered for Pookie earlier in the episode:

Mookie 11

The show ends with everyone playing yet another round of Scrabble:

Mookie 13

And look who has joined them at the table:

Mookie 14


This was my first review with pictures, hope you liked it! If you want to see the entire episode, it is available on YouTube


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