60 Days of Halloween – Thriller

I believe it was the first “real” album I had ever gotten on cassette. The greyish-brown shell holding a spool of brown magnetic tape that contained the most amazing music at the time. I remember playing that cassette over and over again in the little Montgomery Ward “ghetto blaster” I had gotten for Christmas. The lyrics were incredible, the music ahead of its time. As embarrassing as it is to write this, I lip-synched (you Millenials might call it “lip dubbing”) the title track at a school assembly complete with my version of a moonwalk dance move. Try not to picture that in your mind, please, I beg you! And then I saw the video on MTV.

The video was longer than any other one ever shown on the channel (I believe Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” full-length version was the 2nd longest) as well as the most expensive at the time. Directed by John Landis (who’s directorial roster includes some pretty impressive films), the “mini-movie” clocks in at over 13 minutes and is filled with special effects and dance numbers to rival some major productions.

I present to you, Michael Jackson’s full-length epic – “Thriller”:



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