60 Day of Halloween – Body Parts!

Last night I took a quick trip to the local dollar store to pick up a few essentials. While there, I perused the Halloween candy aisle and found a few interesting tidbits to share with you. Today I’ll be reviewing the Gummy Candy Body Parts! Here’s the glorious box:

Body 1


Reminds me a little of something you might find at a higher-end store like Target. The packaging certainly doesn’t scream, “I’m only a dollar!” The shape is a coffin, the face is a mish-mash of both Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula with a see-through window showing some of the body parts inside. Let’s open it up:

body 2


As the box says, there are 12 individual gummy “parts” and the back of the package equates the serving sizes to 2. I wonder what parts I got:

thumb 1

This is what looks like to be a thumb. I must be all thumbs because I got quite a few of them. It does look realistic within the wrapper, upon opening the package:

thumb 2

Eerie as it is, the flesh coloring is almost spot-on and the way the red kind of shows through the thumbnail is downright creepy. It tastes like a cherry gummy, the texture (albeit a little too chewy) and smell is pleasant. Anyone for a foot?:

Foot 1

I got 2 feet, I think they were both rights. It is kind of hard to tell what it is while in the package:


The detail is unreal, down to the toes having nails. Not as eerie as the thumb, but on par. Do the “eyes” have it?

Eye 1

Not as realistic as the thumb, the eye looks a little disappointing:

Eye 3

Eh. It is okay I suppose… This one threw me:

heart 1

Is it a lung, a kidney? Nope, it’s a heart:

Heart 2

There’s a little detail, but with the ventricles on the one side I thought it was a lung. All of the gummies have a unique & chewy texture. There were about the same number of hearts as thumbs, with only 2 eyes and 2 feet. I would assume that each box would have a different ratio of body parts. They are individually wrapped so that they could be given out to Trick or Treaters or slapped into a bowl for a Halloween party.

Totally worth the $1, surprisingly better no-name candy than I expected…


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