60 Days of Halloween – Homemade Costumes

On a prior post I kind of ragged on the homemade costume. This was based on the fact that as kids we could be rather cruel, looking down on others that might not be as fortunate as themselves. I, myself, have worn homemade costumes over the years and I must say they did look interesting.

Two of the costumes stand out to me in my memory, the first was Dracula. I have been blessed (or cursed) with a thick head of wavy black hair. I say cursed because it I am guaranteed to wake up every morning with a tangled ‘fro in need of taming with lots of hair gel and hairspray. I’ve also been blessed with a natural “widow’s peak” hairline as well (I am apparently in good company according to Wikipedia), which has been synonymous with what most people associate to the image of Dracula.

I remember wearing black dress pants, a white shirt, a large medallion that my parents had received when we were stationed in Hawaii (it was I think an orange & yellow, tightly woven feather lei-type necklace with a bronze medallion hanging from it), a cool vinyl cape that had a high collar (again indicative of Dracula), white & black facepaint, a little fake blood in the corners of my mouth, and of course who could forget the fangs? The cheap white fangs that seemed to cut your gums every time you opened your mouth, ah the memories…

And I remember one year I was a pirate. Jeans and a red & white striped shirt, red bandanna covering my head, painted on scars and a mustache (I think?), a cheesy hook from when we went to Disneyworld, and one thing that at the time I thought was stupid but as I think about it now was ingenious – a mason jar lid. My mom had taken a gold-colored mason jar lid, tied a piece of black yarn around it and hung it from my ear. All pirates have earrings, doncha know. The effect was neat although it did smack me in the face a few too many times so eventually took it off.

Homemade costumes are cool when done right, nowadays even the dollar stores have the foundations available for some pretty epic costumes. Something we didn’t have growing up…


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