60 Days of Halloween – Boogers!

Another find at the dollar store, a mixture of 3 favorite themes for Halloween candy – sour, gummy, & gross. The package is super-cool, so let’s take a look:

Boogers 1

There’s a lot going on in the package, the brand name is “Bag of Boogers Gummies”. I wanted to break down the package because there is so much to see:

Boogers 2

First off is the “Rat Fink” style monster chef complete with wagging tongue and stitches on his chin. Obviously he has been working hard from the sweat stains on his hat and the oral neglect (notice the tooth on the top and the missing tooth on the bottom). The blurb next to his head proudly states, “Not Your Regular Gummys!” What’s next?:

Boogers 3

This is comforting. There’s no cheaping out here, they state that their product not only look real but feel real as well. Now that I think about it, that’s not very comforting…

Boogers 6

A nice play on words here, they care so much that they “picked” them especially for us. Picking boogers, get it?

Boogers 5

3 flavors to choose from: Snottermelon (watermelon), Sour Green Boogy (green apple), & Lemon Loogy (lemon). The next photo may get you a little excited (I was when I first picked up the package):

Boogers 4

18 whole pouches for a $1? How can it be? Don’t get excited, it’ll be explained in the next photo:

Boogers 7

9 pouches equate to one serving. 9 freaking pouches. Anyway, let’s take a look:

Boogers 8

I put the quarter next to the pouch for size reference. As you can see, each pouch contains 4 gummy boogers:

Boogers 9

In this pouch I got 2 Sour Green Boogys, a Lemon Loogy, & a Snottermelon. The flavor is that of a mild Sour Patch Kid, not super intense like I was expecting (since the package reminds me of the Warheads line of super-sour candy). True to their word, the gummys do feel like boogers (and yes, I have felt boogers and you have too ya hypocrite!).

A neat product and even though they are small, I wouldn’t have minded getting a pack in my trick or treat pillow case. 18 of these bad boys for $1, found at the dollar store. Not a bad deal, much better than handing out pennies or Chick Tracts!


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