60 Days of Halloween – Pranks

Was never much into Halloween pranks. Our house growing up was the target from time to time, TP in the trees & eggs on the siding (most likely for the lame treats or refusal to give treats to “older kids”) but I didn’t hang with a crowd that did such things. But there was one Halloween I need to come clean with…

A couple of friends and I had gone to pick up the little sister & brother of one of them at a Halloween event. They had a cake walk, bobbing for apples, pin the bone on the skeleton, snacks & so forth. One of the crafts available was decorating your own little pumpkin. You know those gourds that look like mini orange pumpkins, that’s what they used. Well, as we were leaving I happened to notice that one of the volunteers was cleaning up, boxed the unused gourds, and promptly threw the box in the trash.

We left to take the kids home and rode our bikes back to the place, grabbed the box and took off. Now what could we do with the gourds that didn’t involve smashing windows? Why roll them across a busy street and watch them get smashed by passing cars! We rolled into the shadows, set the box down, & each took turns rolling the gourds across the road. More often than not the gourds passed through unharmed to the other side of the street. We whipped them faster, slower, trying to fine tune the timing where we could see them splatter.

We were towards the end of the gourds when all of a sudden a pair of headlights lit up our hiding spot. We dropped what we had and pedaled our asses off as the headlights pursued behind. Eventually we were able to lose the car down a side alley and doubled-back to a friend’s house.

Despite feeling like puking because I was gasping so hard for air, we all laughed our asses silly and talked about some of the more spectacular gourd demises before heading home…


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