60 Days of Halloween – Water!

This past weekend while I was doing our grocery shopping, I happened upon these little beauties. I didn’t notice until I got home how they were being marketed, let’s take a look:


Sorry, my flash wasn’t working when I took this photo. This is Nestlé’s Pure Life Water 24 pack all dressed up for Halloween! Some manufacturers re-brand their products with a “Halloween-y” outer package but leave the inner packaging as normal to save money. Not Nestlé as you will see:



What’s neat is that each side of the outer package shows the different bottles available within. I like the Spanish side with the “Day of the Dead” bottle and the phrase, “Botellas Monstruo” sounds much more sinister.


The other side shows an orange moon with silhouettes of an older sibling in witch attire taking a younger sibling to a ramshackle house. Their dog is along for the ride as well as bats flying around.


Here’s the surprise -24 Trick-Or-Treat Bottles. Giving out healthier snacks is kind of frowned upon when it comes to Halloween, I mean which would you rather get a bag of granola or the holiest of holies – a Reese’ Peanut Butter Cup? This I would give a pass to even though it is healthier because the labels are just too cool:



There are a few that match the outer labels – the Pumpkin, the Mummy, the “Day of the Dead” one (really cool!), and Frankenstein’s Monster. But there are two additional ones in the pack I got, a witch, & a skull. I’m thinking the skull didn’t make the outer packaging because who wants to associate their water with a skull? I haven’t found a Black Cat yet, I wonder if it’s a “chase” bottle where only a certain amount of packs got one.

I paid $3.33 for the 24 pack, which works out to about 14 cents each. A little pricey for giving away to Trick or Treaters at Halloween, but might be the right price for a party (cheaper than a can of soda)…


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