60 Days of Halloween – Crystal Lake

I think I mentioned this at the beginning of the countdown that I LOVE horror movies (except the insect ones, can’t stand the insect ones), a love that was born out of a bond between my father and I. Other dads may have bonded with their kids over cars or sports or fishing, we bonded over cheesy horror movies. One of the very first movies that I saw with my dad was a severely-edited version of the 1980 classic, “Friday the 13th“. Before Jason became a hockey mask, machete-wielding maniac bent on killing teens that did drugs & had pre-marital sex, the first film showed me how “twist endings” can be even more horrifying and scary than just straight-up senseless killing (if you haven’t seen the first movie, give it a try. Kevin Bacon’s in it!).

I’ve followed the franchise through its rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, the gaffes & genius. I’ve even watched the “reboot” and found it to be semi-tolerable. Last year for my birthday, one of the gifts I received was an Amazon card. I purchased a few Kindle books to add to my HUGE Kindle library (I’m a bibliophile, sue me) and one of the titles I came across was the book, “Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (Expanded Edition)“. I was in love. Not only was it a book about the franchise, its origins, trivia from each film, & excerpts from the actual screenplays, it also included full-color photos, “behind the scenes” tidbits from the cast & crew, storyboards, it is information overload.

Want to know where Camp Crystal Lake is? Blairstown, NJ. Want to know the budget for “Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning”? $2.2 Million. Want a comparison on how the Friday franchise stacked up to other horror franchises, dollar for dollar? It’s in there.

An amazing book. Well worth the $9.99 for the Kindle edition. You do need either a Kindle Fire or the Kindle app for iOS/Android to see the amazing photos & other good stuff…


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