60 Days of Halloween – Raisins!

Back in the day (which according to NSFW Dane Cook was a Wednesday…), treats such as popcorn balls, pennies, toothbrushes, Chick tracts, & raisins that were handed out at Halloween could almost guarantee an egging or T-P-ing or something even worse. What I share today, although raisins, are certainly not the raisins I grew up receiving in my pillowcase at Halloween.

Raisin 1

I give you Sun Maid’s Yogurt Raisins. I mentioned on an earlier post about how manufacturers often change their packaging to correspond to a given holiday or season and how sometimes it’s just the outer packaging that gets the holiday/seasonal treatment. Not so for these raisins and I’ll show you why in a minute. Let’s take a little closer look at the package:

Raisin 2

These happy kids are eager to eat their mini boxes of yogurt raisins and I cannot blame them. Why is it that on just about every package of something Halloween the little girl is dressed as a witch? Why not a fairy or a princess?

Raisin 3

I tried to get a better picture so you could see the creepy silhouetted tree behind the Jack-o-lantern, but it just wasn’t working out. are those jelly beans? You’ll see soon!

Raisin 4

Nope, not jelly beans but ORANGE & BLACK colored yogurt raisins! Just wait, you’ll see!

Raisin 5

Each package contains 10 mini-boxes, 5 black & 5 orange. Each box, according to the nutritional facts, contain 60 calories. Not bad since a single Reese’ cup is 80 calories…

Raisin 6

Yep. BLACK raisins & ORANGE raisins! They have a little waxy feel in the mouth and also the vanilla flavoring gives off a little bit of a sour after-taste. If you’re absolutely dead-set on giving out something healthy this Halloween, Sun Maid’s Orange & Black Yogurt Raisins would be the way to go. I’m a fan…


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