60 Day of Halloween – Apple Taffy!

Yet another find at the dollar store was this package of Caramel Apple Taffy treats by Melster Candies:

Apple 1

Now these look like the old standby peanut butter kisses (same concept, peanut butter taffy with a slug of peanut butter in the center) but with green apple on the outside and a slug of caramel in the center.

Apple 2

The big thing more than touting that it is caramel APPLE taffy, is that the caramel is REAL! (and I did look in the ingredients, yes, it is real caramel…)

Apple 3

They do look inviting in the package, don’t they?

Apple 4

This is the apparent serving size according to the package, 4 taffy treats equal 110 calories (which isn’t bad at all). Some have the caramel perfectly centered, while others it looks as though the caramel exploded out of the treat.

Apple 5

This one is darn-near perfect. The smell is of a green apple mixed with caramel but the taste is something else. The artificial apple flavoring overwhelms the caramel, so it tastes like a gummy glob of fake apple in your mouth.

If you’re into taffy or maybe completely wild about artificial green apple flavor, these may be for you. I don’t recommend handing these out as Halloween treats to Trick or Treaters, you may end up getting egged or TP’d…


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