60 Days of Halloween – The Roseanne Halloween Episode

Back when there were just a few channels vying for attention from the masses, you could count on television shows to craft a holiday-themed episode whether Christmas, 4th of July, or of course Halloween. This was smart for the television show because they could re-run the episode if needed the following year (if they lasted that long), or if the show was in syndication.

Today I wanted to recap one of my favorite Halloween-themed episodes that regrettably I saw in its first-run on television (hey, I’m old!) – “Boo!” from season 2 of “Roseanne”. Roseanne went on to make more Halloween-themed episodes during its run, but this one in my opinion is the best. I think the “spoilers” tag expires for an episode that is over 20 years old, so let’s enjoy some quick highlights…

Roseanne 1

Jackie & Roseanne prepare for Halloween Trick or Treaters with homemade caramel apples.

Roseanne 4

The girls get pranked by their parents.

Roseanne 6

Roseanne fakes being electrocuted to prank Dan.

Roseanne 9

Dan fakes cutting off his finger to prank Roseanne. (see the theme?)

Roseanne 15

Roseanne tries again by faking choking (Dan isn’t so convinced).

Roseanne 18

The “Tunnel of Terror” awaits.

Roseanne 19

Dan complains of a “splitting headache”.

Roseanne 20

Anyone for a “Jackie Platter”?

Roseanne 21

Or how about some “hand” made stew?

Roseanne 24

Roseanne gets Dan’s potential client to help her prank Dan good.

Roseanne 28

She is declared, “The Master”… Or is she?

Roseanne 29

Dan gets his revenge.

Roseanne 33

But ultimately, Roseanne is the winner…

Thankfully, you can watch the entire episode on YouTube. Still stands up as one of the great episodes, even after 20+ years…


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