60 Days of Halloween – Candy Corn M&Ms!

Back in the day, we had 2 kinds of M&M candies – Peanut & Regular. These days it seems like you can get M&Ms in all sorts of flavors from dark chocolate, peanut butter, even birthday cake! This season is no different. I present the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms:


Picked these up at a gas station, saw the package and knew right away that I had to add them to our countdown!


The package features Red M&M (regular M&Ms from the commercials) dressed up as a candy corn with corn stalks in the background and carrying a rake. Not sure what the rake has to do with corn stalks or candy corn, maybe he’s “raking up the goodness”?


They let you know right up front that these are not your ordinary M&Ms, even spelling it out that they aren’t milk chocolate but white chocolate.


The M&Ms are a bit bigger than regular ones and are colored orange, yellow, & orange to coincide with the colors found on traditional candy corns. The mouth feel is waxy, a lot like other white chocolate I have had and yes, there is a vague resemblance to the taste of candy corn. I say vague because to me I am tasting a lot more of the white chocolate flavor. I’m sure these are available at other places than gas stations, not worth the $1 I spent on them unfortunately…


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  1. […] I was at the gas station getting the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms from a previous post, I saw these on one of the racks and knew I had to get them for the countdown! Today I will be […]

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