Fall, Autumn, Whatever

Fall, Autumn, Whatever

Hello, Junkies!

Looks like we’ve begun to make it into the big time! We’ve just gotten word from TuneIn Radio that Junkiosity – The Pod will be added to their channel listings! You can check out the broadcast link HERE or search for “Junkiosity” on the TuneIn Radio app for iTunes & Android! We’re also on Stitcher Radio! Become a follower of both TuneIn & Stitcher to help us build our audience there so eventually we can get sponsors and bring you a bigger and better pod each week!

We’ve got sponsors! Check out Audible for a free trial membership which includes a free book download! They have thousands of titles from self-help to current best sellers! If you’re not into reading, how about getting healthy? Nature Box will jam your mailbox monthly with all sorts of wholesome and healthy treats & snacks! For only $20 a month you can get a ton of great-tasting food right to your door. Check out the link for a special deal!

The gang began talking about an article about some facts in regards to the Autumnal Equinox.

Matty called BS on the whole deal that you can balance an egg on it’s end during the first day of fall.

The gang talked about some of the things they love about autumn – fall color tours, apple picking, & of course apple cider! Matty found a recipe on how to make hard apple cider as well as an old bit he remembered from the “Bob & Tom Show” about a new product called “Dickens Cider“.

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of a ground-breaking (at the time) new show about 20-somethings living in NYC, “Friends”. According to this article, the show was almost never made…

The Texas State Fair opens in a few days, yet another sign of fall. This is the fair that showcases all the new “deep fried” goodies that you might see at your local state/county fair next year. This year’s list of new fair foods is interesting, especially the deep-fried sweet tea & deep fried pork rind nachos…

Neither Matty nor Dan would care to have 100 orgasms a day like this poor schlub… Which reminded Dan of the Lonely Island song, “Jizz in My Pants“…

This week’s “Does This Taste Funny?” segment found us trying out the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms from Mars. They had a waxy mouth feel and did taste vaguely like candy corn. Jen says “no”, Dan says “eh”, Matty was like “ok”…


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Until next week!



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