60 Days of Halloween – Gas Station Treat, pt 1

Gonzo 1

While I was at the gas station getting the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms from a previous post, I saw these on one of the racks and knew I had to get them for the countdown! Today I will be reviewing the Mellowcreme Mix, saving the Jelly Pun’kins for another day…

Gonzo 5

Gonzo Candies is a staple for most gas stations & convenience stores. Makers of “impulse items”, they can usually be found in the candy aisle next to the “more expensive” bagged candy. Candy fruit slices, cherry sour balls, “bull’s eyes”, “candy powder straws”, & a plethora of “gummy” candies is about the extent of their offerings. Often they can be had at a great deal, 2 bags for $2, but seasonal candies like these don’t get that kind of treatment. I love the label because it gives off this 70’s vibe with the graphics and the font they used for the contents name has a real “Halloweeny” vibe to it.

Gonzo 6

Even the reverse of the label gets the Halloween treatment with a pair of spooky bats.

Gonzo 2

Mellocreme is the “technical” description of the candy. A mixture of sugar, honey, wax, & corn syrup, traditional forms of the candy are candy corn & pumpkins. This particular package has both versions of candy corn (the white, orange, & yellow combination as well as the white, orange, & brown version), but only one traditional pumpkin. I chose poorly I guess, you can see the lone pumpkin in the center of the package. But never fear, there are plenty of other shapes to see!

Gonzo 7

There are multiples of each shape so I decided to pick out the best representation of each. The top row contains the tri-color variation candy corn, a skull & crossbones, a traditional pumpkin, & a Jack O’Lantern. The bottom row has a traditional tri-color candy corn, an owl (?), an ear of corn, a “black” cat, & a yellow witch. The taste is that of other mellocremes I have had, I don’t think with such a simple recipe that other manufacturers can improve upon the flavor.

Take a look around at your local gas station/convenience store for these Halloween treats!


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