60 Days of Halloween – Gas Station Treat, pt 2

The other day I posted about the Mellocreme Mix I picked up at a local gas station. Today is the other half of my treat haul, Jelly Pun’kins!

Gonzo 4

I like how they bastardized the word “pumpkins” into a hillbilly-ish “pun’kins”, but I wonder why the apostrophe?

Gonzo 3

Gonzo is pretty good at giving you a decent amount of candy for the price and this bag of “pun’kins” is no exception.

Gonzo 8

Looking a lot like the traditional mellocremes pumpkins (of which I wonder if they use the same mold), these gems are colored in a similar fashion. Since these are “gummy” candies, they are glistening with white sugar. Tasting just like the orange slices Gonzo also sells, these are a pretty good treat. I would’ve suggested that they use the “sour sugar” that is on their sour worms to make them a bit better, but I guess that’s just me…

A nice treat that would look good in a candy dish on your desk, give them a try at your local gas station or convenience store that sells Gonzo Candy…


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