60 Days of Halloween – Hell House

Almost a year ago when our pod was in its infancy, Dan the Man & MattyV spoke about a documentary that Matty had seen years ago and made a yearly tradition to watch it during the Halloween season. “Hell House” is a documentary from 2001 about a church in Texas that puts on a “haunted house” each year, but instead of fake monsters & situations to scare, they use real scenarios & “evils” to evangelize people in the hopes of bringing them salvation. Scenarios include rape, abortion, school shootings, suicide, domestic abuse, drunk driving, back when the church first started these annual “hell house” productions it was considered to be rather controversial.

I must warn you that this church is of the “charismatic” branch, which believe in part of speaking in tongues (there are portions of the documentary that show this) & the scenarios shown are fairly graphic. Although they do not show all of the scenes, the sections that are shown can be downright disturbing to some…

This year marks the 24th “Hell House”, according to the website they have 7 scenes which takes 45 minutes to walk through. If you happen to be in Cedar Hill, TX in October – you might want to check it out…

Unfortunately the original link to YouTube was taken down by the owner of the movie, but never fear – you can watch it for free on Hulu (that’s right, absolutely free).

Here’s the trailer for the movie so you can decide whether or not you want to check it out:


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