60 Days of Halloween – The Haunted Mask 2

R.L. Stine is the “Stephen King” of the pre-teen set. His novels are simple stories with just the right amount of fright, kind of like a family-friendly “Twilight Zone” or “Tales from the Darkside”. Always involving young teens in creepy situations, his subjects have dealt primarily with the paranormal. He has been graced with a television show based on his work that ran from 1995-1998. Since then, the episodes have been broken out and sold off as individual movies for the home video market.

I happened upon his work with this “movie”, not having seen the first one – it really didn’t matter too much. There was enough there to basically bring you up to speed on what happened in the first “movie” and continue on with the story.

Bumps 2

I must say, R.L. Stine is a rather interesting fellow:

Bumps 1

The story begins with the approaching of Halloween, the prior year’s holiday was ruined thanks to Carly-Beth’s battle with a “haunted mask”. She had gotten the mask from a mysterious shop in order to overcome her persona as a “scaredy cat” and the mask had melded itself to her face and infiltrated her mind. She apparently buried the mask after being freed from it, but the mask didn’t forget. It tracked down the shopkeeper in the hopes of finding Carly-Beth once again and wreak havoc on Halloween:

Bumps 7

Steve is bummed that this is his last Halloween Trick or Treating and wanted to go on a scaring  spree to make his last year memorable.:

Bumps 9

Then Steve notices a strange man wearing the exact same mask that his friend Carly-Beth wore the year before. Calling out to the man, Steve & Chuck give chase to find out where the man got the mask.:

Bumps 11

The man in the mask lead them to the old shop that Carly-Beth had visited the year before, but now it is boarded up and rundown:

Bumps 12

Leaving Steve to his own devices, Chuck takes off and Steve breaks into the basement where he finds a horribly scary mask of an old man:

Bumps 14

Steve gets what he wants, a scary mask to terrorize the neighborhood with. Trouble is, he doesn’t realize how powerful the mask is:

Bumps 19

I don’t want to ruin anything else, so I won’t tell you how it ends. HOWEVER, you can watch the full 2-part episode on YouTube. I present to you, “The Haunted Mask 2”:


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