60 Days of Halloween – Halloween Store Wacky Hats, pt 1

Halloween Store


They crop up each year around the beginning of September, usually in unused storefronts or warehouses near busy locations. They have different names but all have about the same merchandise. I am talking about the gypsy Halloween stores filled with all manner of costume, prop, or decoration to enhance your Halloween holiday. This one shows up every year in the same storefront at the local mall. Originally it was a Sears store, then about 10 years ago it was revamped into a Steve & Barry’s University Sportswear which then closed due to company bankruptcy around 2009. S&B was a great place, kitschy gear for cheap prices. I still have my Hot Rod Cafe varsity jacket that cost me a whopping $19.98, a sweet jacket…

Anyway, the space sat empty for a few years until the above sign appeared over the entrance facing the highway. Upon entering, you are taken aback with all they have to offer.

Halloween Store 2

Halloween Store 3

Costumes as far as the eye can see in one direction, props & decorations in the other. It smells a bit like the inside of those cheap rubber masks (probably because there is a lot of cheap rubber around) and is fairly well organized, keeping the children’s costumes from the adult costumes (not totally because of the risqué nature as you will see in another blog post).

Today’s blog post will feature some wacky hat costume possibilities with my young son as the model. So let’s see some wacky hats!

Wacky Hats 1

This is the first one he picked up to try on, the classic cowboy/sheriff hat. Can’t forget the extra long neck strap in case the hat flies off!

Wacky Hats 2

Abraham Lincoln he’s not, but looks to be a fair representation of a Victorian era top hat with the flared up sides and almost conical top. Not a true Lincoln top hat…

Wacky Hats  4

This Centurion hat was rather flimsy-feeling, like if temperatures were below 50 degrees it would become brittle and break. The visor was movable and the plume at the top was a bright fiery red color.

Wacky Hats  3

Ahoy, Matey! Feel like a millionaire by adding a smoking jacket/velvet robe & a martini glass. He forgot to tuck in the paper that protected the hat in transit, silly goof!

Wacky Hats  7

A bright green sweat suit or full body leotard couple with this hat makes you Mike from “Monsters Inc.”, or just grab some furry boots & a pacifier and become a “raver” or “club kid”…

Wacky Hats  11

While not technically a “wacky hat”, he wanted to try this on and get his picture taken. It’s actually a masquerade mask with eyeglass arms that can easily be taking on and off. I don’t think purple is his color…

Whelp, part one is complete. Stay tuned for more “wacky hats” later on!


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