60 Days of Halloween – Dawn of the Dead Zombie Countdown!

My all-time favorite zombie movie is George A. Romero’s, “Dawn of the Dead”. I’ve blogged about it in an earlier countdown post, the movie is still an amazing film even today. In this post I wanted to countdown my favorite 5 zombies from the film. What I like about George’s zombie films is that there are masses of “factory-made” zombies, but in amongst them are zombies with personality or some costume or other quirk that makes them stand out. These are my favorites (in no particular order), you might have your own…

   Machete Zombie

Probably one of the more famous zombies, “Machete Zombie” meets his end at the hands of “Blades” (played by special effects makeup artist Tom Savini). Even though you can tell his death is done in reverse (filming the pulling of the machete away from his head and running the footage backwards), it is still a memorable scene.

Helicopter zombie

The “Helicopter Zombie” helps to show the danger of spinning helicopter blades. The actor (according to IMDB) was chosen because of his low forehead, which allowed the special effects team to build a prosthetic to achieve the scalping. He still comes off as “Frankenstein-like”, but the effect was amazing…

Stephen King zombie

Credited as the “Screwdriver Zombie“, I always thought of him as looking a lot like horror writer Stephen King so I call him the “Stephen King Zombie”. When you see the movie, you’ll see why…

Baseball Zombie

I really like the “Bach’s Arco Pitcairn Pitcher Zombie” because he kind of gives this “still human” performance as he sits & stares at Fran through the window of JC Penney. Named for his uniform, he still has his mitt in place…

Hare Krishna Zombie

This guy creeps me the hell out every time I see the movie. The “Hare Krishna Zombie” is I think the first instance of an “intelligent” zombie. Watch his scenes and you will see why. The jangle of his tambourine still gives me nightmares…

This movie has many more “character” zombies, these are just a few of my favorites. Interesting to note, many of the “character zombies” do horror conventions and sell signed photos of themselves in the movie. Even one of the “Sniper Scope Zombies” that had screen time of maybe a few seconds…

If you’ve haven’t seen the movie, then head on over to YouTube and watch the Full Extended Uncut “Dawn of the Dead”…


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