60 Days of Halloween – Table Decorations!

Halloween Store


We traverse on through the gypsy Halloween store and focus today on table decorations. Forget the lame orange & black streamers or cardboard cut-outs, at the Halloween store you can find a lot more to make your party table look absolutely frightful!

Table Deco 1

I was shaking with fright when I saw this guy (okay, I wasn’t, I was trying to take  discreet photo & failed). Technically this zombie garden gnome would be an outdoor decoration, but he could also find his way as the centerpiece of your zombie party!

Table Deco 4

A stack of skulls with eerie glowing eyes. The eyes slowly came on and off which gave them an even eerier feeling…

Table Deco 3

Zombies have been the moneymaker for the last few Halloweens thanks to a little-known television show. Not only did they have napkins, there were also matching cups & plates as well…

Table Deco 2

Under the table was a box of these realistic black crows with feathers & beady red eyes. I didn’t take one out but it looked as though the legs were poseable…

Table Deco 6

The old standby at Halloween, the rubber rat. I remember having a few of these back in the day…

Table Deco 7

Can’t forget about the rubber bats. I couldn’t tell in the store if these had the rubber string attached to the wings to make them flap. I had one of those and always thought it was so lifelike when it moved…

Table Deco 8

A little furry rat trying to escape. Complete with fangs, claws, & little pink nose. They’re cute, but I’d rather have a plain-old rubber rat…

Table Deco 5

 These freak me out. They’re basically foam or plastic skulls with Decoupage flesh-colored skin & fake hair. They look too real (yeah, I’m a wuss)…

Table Deco 9

These are a bit expensive at $7.99 each, you could get a decent steak for that amount. They are kind of realistic, they failed miserably when it comes to eyes. The big lump of flesh in the lower right is supposed to be a nose & surrounding tissue…

Table Deco 10

Zombie skeleton cats & a zombie skeleton goose. Yet some more outdoor decorations that would find a home perfectly next to the punchbowl or snack platter. The goose makes me laugh because it’s a take on the fad a few years ago of people having stone geese sitting on their front steps/stoop…


There is so much more to our visit. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s entry!


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