60 Days of Halloween – Halloween Store Wacky Hats, pt 2

Halloween Store


We’re not done with the wacky hats, not by a long shot! Our model shares some more goodness from the local gypsy Halloween store:

Wacky Hats  5

This is a “steampunk” top hat according to some others I saw hanging on the wall. You can buy goggles, beads, lace, or any other manner of accoutrement to accessorize the hat.

Wacky Hats  8

It’s hard to see from this angle, but this is a turkey hat complete with the little frilly white booties on the end of the turkey legs…

Wacky Hats  9

Don’t “chicken out” with this hat/mask. I actually might buy this hat for when I take him out Trick or Treating…

Wacky Hats  10

He saw these hats next to the $18 pancho rack & had to try it on. This is ONE MASSIVE HAT and yes, the tag does say “Made in Mexico”…

Wacky Hats  6

Now this isn’t a wacky hat, but I couldn’t deny my son the opportunity to get his photo taken as the red Angry Bird. It was on sale as well, only $15 versus last year’s price of $25…


There are many more wacky hats to be seen at the store, this is just a small smattering of what we found… Share your wacky hat pictures with us on Facebook!


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