60 Days of Halloween – Donuts!


Lots of websites have reviewed these doughnuts but I had to see it for myself. I ended up having to go to the “big city” for a meeting and a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts was nearby. Snacking on a hot, fresh glazed doughnut I made my selections. Even though their “featured doughnuts” cost 20 cents extra, they are well worth the artistry. The above image is of the box the doughnuts came in, they really went all out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Ghostbusters“. From the “Something Sweet in the Neighborhood” catchphrase on the top, to the “Who You Gonna Call?” on the sides, to even the green slime dripping off the logo, you know something special is contained inside…


Now this isn’t one of the “Ghostbuster” doughnuts. This is a “special edition” one that I couldn’t pass up. It’s basically a cream-filled doughnut with a special pumpkin shape & decoration.


Yet another “special edition”, some webs are better than others – I guess it depends on who is decorating. They also are offering pumpkin cheese cake & pumpkin spice doughnuts as well (not pictured).


This is supposed to be the “Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man”, basically a cream-filled doughnut with a pressed sugar hat. Some other photos I have seen online look more like the character than this one.


A classic. The logo with the green slime splatter. I concur with other bloggers that if the doughnut contained a green slime jelly instead of the cream it would be the ultimate. Each store is different, it looks as though this one used a bit too much food coloring in the slime as it is darker than it should be to be “movie accurate”…

The Krispy Kreme website states that these are available all month at participating locations. They also have a “Slimer Bucket” that you can fill with 24 of their doughnut holes for $6 or buy an empty bucket for $3. I didn’t have the cash otherwise I would have picked one of those up as well…


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