60 Days of Halloween – Kid Costumes! pt 1

Halloween Store

There was so much at the local gypsy Halloween store that we couldn’t take pictures of everything in one single visit. As we continue to share what we found, today’s entry is a small snippet of kid’s costumes that are available this year…

Kid Costume 2

What is touted to be the biggest film of 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy“, has a line of costumes. This one of “Starlord” has a mask that actually lights up!

Kid Costume 3

The only other one I could find is of one of my favorite characters from the movie, Rocket, with a real tail! I am sure there is a Groot, Gamora, & Drax costume but they must have been sold out…

Kid Costume 4

I don’t like it when people mess with the story canons I grew up with. As I understand it, the new TMNT movie claims the turtles are “aliens” and not mutants created by radioactive ooze. Anyhoo, of course they have their own costumes for your young one to dress up as.

Kid Costume 5

For my generation, these are the turtles I know & love, true mutants…

Kid Costume 6

I’d get my butt kicked for wearing something like this as a kid. Reminds me of the “I’m a Banana” guy…

Kid Costume 7

Just a bit stereotypical and definitely not a popular choice. But can be yours for only $19.99, even comes with tattoo sleeves! Not sure if “Rapsta” is slang for “Rap Star” or a melding of “Rap Gangsta”, I’m thinking the latter…

Kid Costume 8

Seal Team Six? I hate it when they show these really cool costumes and come to find out that all it includes is the mask, dog tag, camo shirt & pants. You have buy the boots, helmet, & gun (which will run you probably another $30)…

Kid Costume 9

The middle ninja reminds me of a Jawa, the other two look almost like Power Ranger knock-offs with the silver visors…

Kid Costume 1

I think these guys have “jumped the shark”…

Kid Costume 10

In talking with an employee, they were completely out of Anna costumes and had only a few Elsa costumes left. Yet there were a plethora of Olaf costumes, only $40!


Part 2 of the kid’s costumes will contain some pretty age-inappropriate costumes for young ladies to wear this year so stay tuned!


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