60 Days of Halloween – Gushers!

I was a bit too old to really enjoy Betty Crocker’s Fruit Gushers when then originally came out in the early 1990’s. It is amazing to see lunchbox staples such as these survive for over 20 years and constantly updating to follow the new trends and ideas to stay relevant. Halloween is no different as Fruit Gushers have gone all “Halloween-y”:


This special edition pack contains 26 pouches that are perfect for Trick or Treating according to the box. Marketed as “Tropical Spooky Fruit”, these hexagonal jewels are more healthy than a Fun-Size Snickers at the same amount of calories and to be honest A LOT more fun to eat!

I like the Halloween colors, the spooky black border, and the faint spider web in the background. Let’s take a look inside:


The color scheme carries right onto the individual packages, although these are marked “mini-size”. I assume these do not contain the regular amount of gushers because of the labeling.


Now, you’re probably wondering if the color scheme carriers through to the fruit snacks as shown on the box. Well, “truth in advertising” is once again proven true:


Yep. This particular pack contains 5 gushers, 4 orange and 1 black. I haven’t opened any further packs to verify, but I assume this must me the standard. Can’t imagine being more than 1 black gusher per pack, it’d really freak out parents & teachers to have children with black tongues & teeth after eating them. The flavor is a little hard to pinpoint, pineapple? Maybe? True to their moniker, they do gush liquid when bitten into.

Yet another “healthy” treat that I would have been glad to receive in my Trick or Treat pillow case…


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