60 Days of Halloween – Inappropriate Kid Costumes!

Halloween Store 3

There was a plethora of costume options at the gypsy Halloween store, quite I few that I found to be a bit age-inappropriate for young girls especially. Let’s take a look at what I found and see if you agree:


Girls Costume 2

Modeled after the popularity of the “club kids” scene & Japan craziness, here you have “Party Cat”. If I had a daughter, I’m not sure if I would allow her to wear such an outfit. Borderline “furry” here…

Girls Costume 1

The brand name of this line of costumes is appropriate, “Drama Queens”. Again, there is just something sexual to this costume. I’m not crazy, am I?

Girls Costume 10

A sexy zombie rocker (of course the boots, guitar, & tattoos are not included). I don’t like the low-cut dress…

Girls Costume 9

This one was on sale, I guess there aren’t many girls that want to be a detective…

Girls Costume 8

Tell me that this one isn’t supposed to be sexy, I dare you…

Girls Costume 7

Again, with the corset and short skirt. This one is borderline…

Girls Costume 5

Not totally inappropriate, but it seems all of these costumes have the same theme – short skirts & lace.

Girls Costume 4

This girl looks like a young Lindsey Lohan, seriously…


I’ll follow this up with some inappropriate adult costumes later on…




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