60 Days of Halloween – The Many Faces of Jason Vorhees, pt 1

Friday the 13th” was one of the first “slasher” films I had ever seen. I remember watching it when had just gotten HBO on cable (early 1980’s) and it was in pretty heavy rotation on the viewing schedule (both that and “The Funhouse“). Since then I have followed the franchise through it’s ascension and decline and ascension and decline. A roller coaster for sure. I never realized how many “faces” Jason has taken throughout the years and today I will share some of them. Keep in mind that this listing covers only the numbered franchise and not the reboot or the one-off

If you’re not familiar with the premise, Jason Vorhees was a deformed child that drown while at Camp Crystal Lake because the camp counselors who were supposed to be watching him snuck off to have sex & smoke dope. Since I believe the “SPOILERS” warning no longer applies (it’s been 31 years), the murderer in the first film was not Jason Vorhees but his mother believing that her dead son spoke through her. But in the last few minutes of the movie, you get a quick glimpse of Jason:

Jason 1

Then ends the movie with Alice asking what happened to the little boy in the lake…

Jason 2

By the 2nd movie (“Friday the 13th Part 2“), Jason has grown up but hasn’t received his signature mask. In one of the final scenes in the movie he is shown wearing a flour sack with one eyehole (most likely for the eye that he can see out of). He looks a lot like the killer from the movie, “Dark Night of the Scarecrow” in this photo…

Jason 31

Now the 3rd movie (“Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D“), we see 3 different faces of Jason. Here he his with the signature hockey mask he removed from one of his victims. Much more stylin’ than that old flour sack…

Jason 32

For a brief moment we get a look at grown-up Jason’s face, which as you can see is half-deformed…

Jason 33

Lastly, of course Jason can’t keep his mask in pristine condition with all the people trying to kill him. You’ll notice the axe slice in future films…

Jason 4

For the 4th installment (“Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter“), his mask pretty much remains intact throughout the entire film. Notice the axe slice & missing half of the red triangle over the nose? Same markings as the previous mask. This film was to mark the end of Jason’s rampage, but did it? Nope.

The 5th installment (“Friday the 13th: A New Beginning”) carries a storyline of Tommy Jarvis, who killed Jason in the prior film. Brutal murders are happening and he wonders if he himself is responsible…

Jason 51

Here is Jason from the beginning of the movie. But wait! The triangle was restored and there are no red triangles on each cheek, nor are there bolts where the leather straps connect to the mask! So much for continuity!

Jason 52

What we find at the end of the movie is that Roy the paramedic was the killer all along! I think the story writers did this in order to revive the franchise storyline since part 4 was deemed “the final chapter”. Kind of like when bands do several “farewell” tours… This mask is a totally new one (see, no marks!) and doesn’t even match the one shown on the movie poster! It’s faint to tell here but there are 2 light blue triangles along each side under the eyes.


Could this really be the end? Not by a longshot. In part 2 I’ll cover the rest of the “faces of Jason Vorhees”, some of the best are yet to come!



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