60 Days of Halloween – Masks!


Halloween Store


Today I wanted to focus in on the gypsy Halloween store’s mask selection. The rubber masks are in a cordoned-off area & require an employee to assist you. I can imagine because of theft since these masks can be rather costly. The selection is basically the same as it is every year with one or two additions due to popular culture trends:



I tried to get the entire display in but it was a bit too large from where I was standing. I wanted to get close enough to get a clear shot of their wares.

The clown masks, according to the employee I spoke with, are the number one seller for adults this year. The whole “creepy clown” phenomenon on Facebook has apparently filtered through to the real world. They even have Violent Jay & Shaggy 2 Dope from Insane Clown Posse masks. The political masks are on the upper right – Nixon, Obama, GWB, Hillary Clinton, & of course Sarah Palin.

The Angry Birds masks were on clearance and I believe the Kia Hamster mask was as well. It is neat to see that there are several incarnations of the Michael Meyers masks from the original film to the recent reboot. But wait, there’s more!



On the side wall there were Ghost Face masks from the “Scream” series, Soul Stealer masks that look to be knock-offs from Slipknot? The cheap knock-off Jason masks from the “Friday the 13th” series, and an official “Halloween” Michael Meyers mask that was still sealed.



These were rather expensive. Haven’t seen the movie.



Now these were cool. Apparently the jaws move with your mouth, a neat additional freaky feature. And of course in the lower left you have the plain-Jane masquerade masks. Yellow must be popular (or left over)…


Whelp, that does it for today! Hope you enjoyed checking out some of the masks available for this Halloween!




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