60 Days of Halloween – Treat Bags & Dog Costumes!

Halloween Store


Not only do they sell costumes, the gypsy Halloween store also sells treat bags & buckets as well.



From the traditional Jack-O-Lantern style treat buckets to even characters (not pictured is a Thomas the Train bucket). Many of the treat bags here are from older movies and television shows. At the end are some more recent ones for Captain America & Monster High. These are miles above the old pillow case or cheapo orange “safety” bag I got each year in elementary school when the police officer came to warn us of the dangers lurking about on Halloween night. I prefer a pillow case since it is much sturdier and larger to allow for more candy!


Why is it that a lot of these dogs don’t look happy about dressing up for Halloween? Again, it looks like Angry Birds is on the way out because it is on sale for 1/2 price…


I think these are cool. There are a bunch of different ones, they are mini figures that strap onto your pet so it looks like they are riding on them. These dogs look much happier wearing these “costumes”! A bit on the expensive side ($18), but still cool…


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