60 Days of Halloween – The Many Faces of Jason pt 2

Last week I shared the first half of the “Friday the 13th” franchise showing the varying faces of Jason Vorhees as the movies progressed. Today I share the second half & hold onto your butts, these get even more outrageous…


Jason 61

In “Jason Lives: Friday the 13th part VI”, we find Tommy Jarvis (who “killed” Jason in part IV) digging up poor Jason’s grave to make sure he was truly dead. For some reason he brought a hockey mask along & begins stabbing Jason’s worm-ridden corpse with a metal fence post. Of course doing this during a thunderstorm and guess what? Lightning strikes the metal pole and revives the corpse. This is Jason as he arose from the grave.


Jason 62

Grabbing the fence post and the mask Tommy conveniently left, Jason is ready to start stacking bodies once again. Notice is this supposed to be Jason’s “original” mask as you can see the axe mark.


Jason 63

The end of the movie finds Tommy luring Jason to the middle of Crystal Lake where he throws a chain noose around Jason’s neck and with the help of a boulder on the other end sends him to the murky bottom to “die”. Does he stay dead? Nope…


Jason 71

In “Friday the 13th pat VII: The New Blood”, Jason is released from his watery grave years later by a teen with psychic (!) powers. A little worse for wear but raring to go…


Jason 72

Losing his mask, we can see that Jason has lost the “deformed” look and is basically supernaturally-animated rotted flesh.


Jason 74

The end of the movie finds a fireman picking up the pieces of Jason’s mask that had now become melted due to the many fires he endured over the past 2 movies. What will Jason wear now?


Jason 81

Is this Jason? No, just some snobby rich kid that got a mask & fake knife to scare his girlfriend. Who knew that Crystal Lake had an outlet that lead to New York City? In “Friday the 13th part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan“, the rich kid’s houseboat’s anchor snagged an electrical line that once again revived our favorite slasher that was trapped on the bottom of the lake thanks to the psychic teen from the last movie.

Jason 82

He just cannot keep a clean mask!


Jason 83

The teen heroes this time around tried ending Jason’s “life” with toxic chemicals that we all know are conveniently stored in New York City’s sewer system!


Jason 84

Another destroyed mask. Is this really the end of Jason and his murderous rampage? Not by a longshot…


Jason 9

Strangely regaining some of his flesh, Jason continues on in “Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday“. In this film, his supposed “supernatural” origins are revealed giving us the true story behind his evil. And more body-stacking…


Jason 91

Here we see the “demons” leaving Jason’s body as he is defeated. Notice his mask has become so battered and beaten, even the right eyehole has a huge crack in it.


Jason 92

This scene here excited and inspired the spin-off movie, “Freddy Vs Jason” which wouldn’t come to fruition for 10 years (one franchise was owned by Paramount & the other by New Line Cinema, so it took A LOT of negotiation). But was this the “final” film? Come on, are you kidding?


Jason 10

After finally being caught via a HUGE military operation, Jason is being readied to be placed in cryostasis in the hopes to rid the world of him once and for all. But of course something goes horribly wrong in the process. Enter “Jason X“…

Jason 101

Years and years later, a starship of students return to Earth (which had been abandoned due to excessive pollution & desolation) to find Jason in cryostasis and one of his victims that survived by being frozen as well. They thaw him out and he does what he does best…


Jason 102

Jason is tossed into a regeneration machine that proceeds to mend him and make him bigger & badder. And apparently fixes his deformities while giving him a new kick-ass mask & machete.

Jason 103

After many dead bodies, the new “Jason 2.0” is finally put to rest for good. Or has he? Only time will tell…





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